The 1st WEEK – 05/01

January 10, 2008

5/1: Started the TELL ME MORE ENGLISH program. Decided to study entire program before starting intense course ^^ Hope I will be successful.

8/1: Came to Institute of International Education (IIE)! Registed for Educational Advising. I will have a talk with an Educational counselor next week. Yaah, I also discovered that this place have an ideal reading room so I decided to come there every day.

9/1: I went to Rose Garden Hotel! The American Embassy took place what they called PAS program there. I found out it very interesting and helpful. PAS program will be my indispensible activities every week.

Ooh! I almost forgot telling you about the movie ‘Mad Hot Ballroom’. Here is the description of the movie:

A look inside the lives of New York City school kids on a journey into the world of ballroom dancing–a new and unexpected arena where they discover home truths about attitude, movement, style and commitment. Told from the candid, sometimes hilarious perspective of the boys and girls themselves, the picture chronicles their transformation from typical urban kids to “ladies and gentlemen,” as their school teams aim towards a final citywide competition.

The most memorable script: Having something to love is a key to success. You just have to do what you love. Just a misquote! I don’t remember exactly but I really like it.

Some picture from the movie:

In the evening I chatted with Dien and found out that he is so much like me when I started learning English ^^

10/1: I finished the first section in the total three sections of the BEGINNER disc of TELL ME MORE ENGLISH. Still a lot to learn but I felt very happy and wanted to record that milestone.

I established this blog this morning. Ooh, it took me 4 hours but I think it’s worth!!! But because of building this blog, I didn’t come to IIE. Once again, “gain sth” means “lose sth”.

In the evening, I had another interesting chat with Nhung. She gave me lot of information. Thank Nhung very much!!!

11/1: In the morning, I studied not much. It was like I lost the interest in studying and just felt soo sleepy. Consequencely, I went to bed after studying for about 1 hour.

In the afternoon, woke up at 14 o’clock and went to IIE by my bike. I hadn’t rode bicycle for a long time, so I felt pretty tired when riding it Not taking excercise made me fat and lazy TT__TT Anyway, I found an exhilarating book in the reading room and met a cute girl who was born exactly on my birth Moreover she also took a gap year ^^

On the way coming home, I took a look at 10/10 martial art center. Well, decided to go there every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Let’s wait! A master of Judo will appear soon XD

In the evening, phoned to Ngoc Minh. She received the government’s scholarship to study in England. WOW! WONDERFUL! Let’s give her best wishes on the conquer England.

12/1: Came to JUDO class in the afternoon. GREAT! I really like it! But all of my body was in pain! I’m a lazy guy!


2 Responses to “The 1st WEEK – 05/01”

  1. Beoxinh Says:

    hihi.vo rat vui vi chong da tro ve nhu ngay nao`,mac du van la chong yeu cua vo..hi vong chong se tim duoc con duong dung cho ban than mih`,du` sao do cung la dieu ma chong da chon ,vi the hay co gang nhe,vo se luon co vu len
    quen,vo poc tem na’!!hihi

  2. Hang Says:

    At first, I think 1 year for “relaxing” is not worth for you, but I change my mind when looking at what you are doing now and will do next. All best wishes for your choice. I hope I’ll see a mature guy when I come back home ^^

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