The 2nd week – 14/1

January 14, 2008

14/1: In the morning,starting learning dancing, I danced with Ngoc Minh ^^ She is a wonderful girl

In the afternoon, coming to the Motor training center, I got the license after A LOT OF efforts TT__TT They mistook the sign in my guarantee paper so I had to wait really long to get the license. Anyway, strangely I was very happy and had a crazy idea that I will deliberately lose my license to retake the exam. JUST FOR FUN ^^!

In the evening, finished the second learning path of the Beginner. YEAH, I’ll complete Beginner section in next 4 days, I hope so

AHHHH! I will have to learn FLASH to be a member of English club. Feeling pretty lazy  now but I’ll try to learn some about it


A busy day without studying!

Morning, came to IIE to meet Ms. My, the educational advisor. She broke through my doutful points. The more I find, the clearer the path is ^^ I’m a bit of disappointed when coming to know that the result at the uni isn’t necessary. No problem! Studying at the uni gave me a lot of precious lessons and good friends.

I chatted with Trang, the cute girl at the reception bar. She is really really really cute. She made me more confident. Perhaps, chatting with her will be my main purpose of coming to IIE.

Afternoon, went to the uni only to find out that the philosophy teacher is unwilling at a rec letter  I went home immediately.

Late afternoon: JUDO. WOW!!! I’m in love with this martial art

Evening, downloaded adobe flash. I opened the program and didn’t understand anything at all   Anyway, I will start reading the Help section tomorrow

My blog reached 99 hits point but only has 5 comments TT__TT


A day with pronunciation.

Morning, pronunciation. Afternoon, pronunciation. Evening, pronunciation.

Not study much, spent most time doing nameless jobs… I’m afraid that I’m out of controlling my time effectively. Too much time was wasted on nonsense and I wasn’t dedicated to learning with full efforts.

Ok! I need to strictly reassess myself. Perhaps some punishments are necessary.

Ooooh, about Adobe flash! A d#$%ed program. I am still an ignoramus…


A day of Judo. 

Practising Judo made me too tired. Didn’t wanna write anything.


Birthday of my wife.


Nothing special in the morning. Afternoon, I went to American Embassy to engage in Public Affairs held there. Many people came and watched the movie “A long walk home” together. I was still too shy to express my ideas about the movie. I discovered that your confidence, not a good pronunciation, will influence whether you present your ideas or not.

Late afternoon, birthday party of my wife. I was little confused when my wife paid for everything. I felt something wrong but ignored it. Anyway, everybody was very happy. It was a long time since I last heard Huyencom singing. Her voice was so marvelous.



I studied TMMEn whole day but still didn’t finish the Beginner course. Too much time was wasted on nonsense.

Evening, I built another program for the 3rd week. Called it “PREPARATION FOR INTENSIVE COURSE” (PFIC). After the 3rd week, I will set a temporary target for the TOEFL iBT test as I usually do before studying for examinations.


3 Responses to “The 2nd week – 14/1”

  1. Ngoc Minh Says:

    entry dau tien a? hic! to thich blog cu hon! doc cai moi nhin kho qua!

  2. Ngoc Minh Says:

    a nham! nhin thay may cai entry khac roi!:p

  3. Ngoc Minh Says:

    hoc hanh vui ve nha’! du j thi to cung ung ho quyet dinh nghi hoc cua cau! hi!

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