First term’s result…

February 19, 2008

The debacle is ignited by a person who designated himself as just below most great genii in human history. Yes, his name is Mr. Nhiem TT___TT

I received 8 from his stupid final term examination. What a shame dark.gif

Even though it’s all due to my stupid mistake, I am still irritated at the examination and detest him verrrrrrrrrry muuuuuuuuuch. Oh my god! I spent 10 hours a day in preparing for that idiot test, used 300.000 VND to buy Olympic mathematics books, just to sit down for 90 mins and take his childish paper test. OMG, I still couldn’t understand why I did that TT___TT

My GPA score is 9.1 that puts me on fire, making me worried whethere I can get to top 5% with that score. I had estimated that I could get the perfect result in Mathematics so that I would receive 9.3, just enough for a safe zone.

My father made me much more furious when commenting that before blaming others, one should reassess oneself aty.gif  Ok, it’s my fault sob.gifbut whether irriatating or not is up to me.





2 Responses to “First term’s result…”

  1. Viet Says:

    Oh come on, let’s get rid of this.Sometimes, things do not always go on as you expect.As long as you know the problems and make efforts , THINGS WILL GET BETTER.

  2. Neo Says:

    I am just in a bit of dissappointment because I felt down on such a childish Mathematics test. You will be sympathetic with, or laugh at me, looking at that paper test TT___TT

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