The 7th WEEK – 18/2 – currupting

February 25, 2008

A lazy week!

Wasting much time, I suddenly got confused and had to set everything aside to question:


Firstly, the story about FYT and its member made me extremely angry. Until now, I still can’t construe why I was irritated.

Secondly, I am truly corrupting, showing many signs such as sleeping too much, not focusing on learning, daydreaming about unrealistic and absurd hallucination…

Thirdly, sore throat which was due to my stupid diet made me unable to practise Accent when I was training the toughest parts.

And finally, I abruptly realized that getting max score in TOEFL and SAT requires more intricate and prudent plans than those estimated.

Temporarily stop the headache learning issues.

This week’s Sunday was memorable. It had been a long time since I last saw Dung, Phuong and Ngoc.

Phuong still keeps his distinguish demeanor but seems tougher, calmer and more self-controlled. It is probably results of Military Training which I always has a negative view about. He made me surprised when treating us ice cream which is really ‘unusual’.

Dung seems to be contracted, appearing like a 12-year-old child.

Ngoc is exactly the same as my imagination ^^ I talked her at length and harmonized more with her. In fact, her story changed my concepts as well as took away my prejudices about emotions and thoughts of my friends, especial girls. It was also the first time I sat silently so long just to hear confidences of another.

Phuong is totally right about I should practise hearing before feeling and assessing.

But it is not his advice but Khanh’s statement making me attempt to listen silently. She said: “You are too shallow and childish in feelings”. I still blame myself for my stupid behavior when she confided in me.

In conclusion, this week wasn’t an effectively learning week but taught me many invaluable lessons.


Boring list:

1. Learned 184 new words, first words since I dropped out ^^!

2. Prelude to building writing skill.

3. Stopped at reduction section in Accent.

4. Completed the 8th lesson of A good turn of phrase and decided to stop here.

5. Beginning reading newspaper.

To-do list next week:

1. Writing academic English.

2. Learning roots, prefixes and suffixes.

3. Reviewing Advance grammar in use.

4. Running in the morning.

5. Starting Thinkfast training course.



One Response to “The 7th WEEK – 18/2 – currupting”

  1. Ngoc Minh Says:

    why were you angry on hearing about FYT? I am FYTer, and, admittedly, I love this club full of talents and useful lessons!

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