Must venture toward the destiny.

March 3, 2008

Today I have just received first two books from Amazon. One book is about the Admission process in Wesleyan college. The other is another book by Adam Robinson.

Like his previous book, this one ignites the flare in my deep heart, arouse the feeling that has slept for a long time and wake me up. Assessing all work done, I spent too much time in such an useless thought about my inborn ineptitudes as well as what is called “talent”. To walk on the endless road of pursuing one’s dream, the crucial points, considering thoroughly, still are attitude and method. If I still run after what is called “talent”, I will only end up my run at an abject point.


Nhung told me that “you weekness is not your ability but your attitude”.

Now I will face myself and reflect totally all my strength and weekness.

Firstly, what do I have?

A lot of books and wonderful parents who never refuses any of my request relevant to studying.

A strong financial base.

Secondly, what deters my success?

Obsession about my I.Q.

A stupid question doubting about my ability and whether I am as smart as ABC, XYZ…

A stupid fear of being alone.

——–I will put all of those down——–

I currently don’t have anything to lose but can’t turn back either.

Nothing but stepping forward.

Never before have concentration been more pivotal. Having nothing except upcoming TOEFL and SAT score as the only weapons, I must set aside every emotions and doubtness about my ability to achieve the best result.



2 Responses to “Must venture toward the destiny.”

  1. he he Says:

    hehe, co len a nha!

  2. Nguyen Says:

    I don’t think IQ is your problem……….
    Furthermore, it is usual to feel depressing sometimes,hence forget it……..
    Think about the level at which you are working……
    Appreciate what you have achieved so far………
    That is all motivation for you to learn more, not to doubt ‘about my ability to achieve the best result’ as stated above………..
    You are good enough to get whatever you want………

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