The 8th WEEK – 25/2 – TWO MONTHs PASSED

March 3, 2008

Two months passed away like a dream oyasumi.gif which was ended by a nightmare dark.gif !

My dream of perfect score in TOEFL and SAT swelled and set off like a bubble. I must face up to the realistic, secular and somewhat tragic world omgnooo.gif

After going out with my friends on last Sunday, I ended up with a flu for 4 days. Being flu, I did nothing but watching Friends movie. Even though feeling guilty, I must admit that Friends is a great, fantasy and extremly humorous series. The movie made me laugh a lot, sometimes move my tear and occasionally ignite the jealousy in my deep heart. While I can’t find a single friend to go out, Charles, Joey, Ross, Rachel… are always together and share the moments of joy as well as hardship and sadness. Anyway, I am better off blaming myself for it. I’m a terrible guy. Hey, you suck!

I was obsessed about it. Eventually, obsession turned into timidity. Whenever the idea of asking somebody to hang around appear, I suspend it with the thought that “Comon guy, you are terrible. Nobody will like you. They will only smile in front of you and cuss behind you.”

Ok, let’s return to studying topic.

This week was not productive, either. I broke and changed my initial plan, deciding that I should focus on directly preparing for TOEFL rather than flying like butterfies surround it. I started off the course with Master Listening skills for TOEFL iBT, basic edition. I told my friends about how good my listening skill is =)) but, in fact, I found the book terrifically hard. The speaker “reads”, not presents, with the speed of light and no pauses.  

I also pratised with Master skills for TOEFL iBT, intermediate edition which I bought about half of a year ago and didn’t touch my fingers to until last Friday ^^! In my opinion, I am quite skilled at reading but only without a clock placed at the side.

Talking about Accent, I finished the first section of American Accent Traing, Intonation part. Ironically, I found my pronuciation back into the start point, exactly same as before the course.

Unbelievable! What the hell!

In conclusion, I completed nothing this week, except a category of essay topics.


Hell list:

– A category of essay topics.

– 93 new words.

– 5 chapters of Listening.

– 3 chapters of Reading.

– 1st part of AAT.




One Response to “The 8th WEEK – 25/2 – TWO MONTHs PASSED”

  1. Nguyen Says:

    Hey….Is it too late for me to make any comment??????
    Anyway, I am impressed by your plan………
    It is well-organised,well-focused and complementary……
    Keep working hard my man………
    Good luck to your supreme English………….

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